Our Story

Yesterday, I discovered another perfect place to have my morning coffee. From there, I watched the sun rise over the pristine Western Reserve. My daily rituals are important, but they demand a well-designed backdrop. Later, I challenged my friends to outmaneuver me on the golf course. The idyllic landscape, both natural and built, distracted them while I pondered my destiny par excellence. After a leisurely lunch and thoughtful discourse, I studied boundless cloud formations on my stroll to the spa. Upon arrival, I retreated to the sanctuary of my private spa suite, and then time waited for me.

A few hours later, I emerged with a greater sense of balance and new appreciation for the term “well-being,” a slightly peculiar concept until then. As I looked to the skies for my old friends, I noticed the poetic symmetry of a dormer peaking above the trees. It formed a perfect triangle, and I pondered the magical view from that window. I’ll have to explore that someday, but at that moment I hungered for another glori¬ous, made-from-scratch dinner at the elegant red barn. Try as I may, I never seem to clean my plate, but the possibility of leftovers excited me beyond measure. After all, good things should be savored for a lifetime. As night fell, the whip-poor-wills began their serenade, and I was persuaded to take a candlelight soak in a tub as deep as my soul. Before long, the luxurious linens beckoned me to bed, and I fell asleep with an amazing novel on my chest and my favorite person by my side. I had many dreams last night, but one was very memorable. A peaceful and humble man with a wise face approached me and asked me to go for a walk. We wandered through glass hallways and into the library bar for a fireside nightcap. Afterwards, we walked outside past the old silo and convinced a couple of beautiful horses to give us a ride. As Romeo and Libby stopped for a drink at the lake, the full moon reflected over its velvet surface. I heard a couple laughing nonchalantly and turned to see a faint light in the window of a home as nestled in nature as I had been earlier in my bed. I finally turned to my travel guide and asked him, “By the way, who are you, and where are we now?” He chuckled as if he knew an inside joke and replied, “They called me Henry in my day, and this, my friend, is your Walden.”