Green Building

Environmental Philosophy

Walden – Sustaining a Livable Community

Sustainable design is not a novel concept at Walden. When we began the development in 1970, it was designed to minimize our environmental impact. At that time, a raging energy crisis had forced Americans to reevaluate how they lived, and Walden intentionally developed a more sustainable community in response. Originating energy efficient homes that left a minimal impact on their natural surroundings, Walden continues to pioneer an ecologically sound philosophy forty years later. Our homes utilize the latest energy saving technologies, and residences have always been sited and designed to maximize passive solar energy. Designed to incorporate livability, privacy and grassroots luxury, our modestly sized homes feature low maintenance natural siding, energy efficient windows, added insulation, attic ventilation, multiple heating and cooling zones, fireplace covers and sustainable landscaping.

In addition to our private residences, the entire 1000-acre Walden community embodies our commitment to responsible environmental practices. Our roads were designed around the natural land contours to minimize clearing, grading and stream crossings. A network of walking paths was also incorporated to encourage exercise and environmental awareness, and hundreds of acres of open space have been permanently preserved. Club Walden and Inn Walden embrace our sustainable philosophy not only in their building practices but also in daily operations. Walden’s Chefs forage and buy organic foods and naturally raised meats from local farms to incorporate in our farm-to-table cuisine.

Walden continues to adapt to greener building concepts with its Energy Star program and in the design and construction of all future homes. Please contact Walden for information on our environmental initiatives and practices.