The Art of Bread

To break bread is an act of sharing. To tear into crusty, handcrafted bread is an ineluctable element of any dining experience. We serve ‘handmade’ food, and having bread that reflects this philosophy is important to me. We make several varieties of bread at Walden; my favorite is called pain au levain in France but […]continue reading

Through the Eyes of a Member

For over 25 years, Walden has been a major part of our lives. You and Manny should be very proud of all you have accomplished and what Walden has grown to be. What other club offers the combination of a great golf course, a positive family environment, world class food at the Barn, access to […]continue reading

Turn Down Service– Something Special

 Our Turndown Service is Guaranteed to Make You Feel Right at Home  Whether you are have come to Walden Inn for a romantic get away or traveling for business, our turndown service is designed just for you. This is a complimentary service that will help you ease into a restful evening of comfort and bliss. […]continue reading